Who We Are.

We are industry-leading energy advisors with a well-established reputation for facilitating high-integrity, fully transparent transactions.

By taking a detailed view of your energy expenses through an analytical lens, we not only work to reduce overall spend and improve energy performance, we protect you from being taken advantage of by service providers – it’s what sets us apart.

Our Energy Management Plan allows us to craft custom solutions that are tailored to our clients’ specific needs and goals.

Why We Do It.

Simple. It’s the right thing to do.

Throughout our time working in the energy and utility industry, we saw service providers abusing the knowledge gap and using customer data to their advantage. Our business model is designed to turn the tables and protect our clients, while also helping to reduce overall energy spending.

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Our Team.

We invite you to test our assertion that USI’s team “walks the walk” with the ideal combination of skills and experience to capably represent your best interests while pursuing multiple paths to bring your energy costs down. Our team provides peace of mind with the assurance that everything has been done to manage a significant expense, creating a high level of confidence and trust in the process.

Key Team Members




Managing Partner


Senior Energy Advisor


CFA, Director, Energy Analytics & Advisory Services


Manager, Energy Procurement and Analytics


Market Research Analyst


Director, Engineering and Energy Management Services

What People Are Saying About Us.

We have used Utility Source on a number of energy contract negotiations. Their process is efficient, thorough, and painless, and assures us we always receive the best rates and accurate budgets. They have earned our trust through their integrity, and their analytical capabilities.

Regional Director and Client Services Manager of Realty Corporation

With their competitive Request for Proposal process, Utility Source gave me access to a variety of energy suppliers that I would not have been exposed to on my own. Their energy market knowledge and experience helped me analyze various offers and provided the assurance that I could achieve budget certainty at highly competitive prices.

Property Developer

Utility Source has delivered a high level of analytical expertise, provided me with the essential information I need to prudently manage the company's energy expenses and has effectively handled all of the important details of energy procurement, contracting and ongoing contract maintenance.

CFO of Corporation

Energy contracting can be complicated and time consuming. With a number of gas and power companies approaching me, I wanted independent advice. By handling the process from start to finish with my best interests in mind, Utility Source made it easy so that I could focus on running the business.

Regional Director of Hotel Operations